Stunning Martini Glass Prop Hire

Hiring a Martini Glass Prop for your next event provides a fantastic focal point for any event. Daze Entertainment’s Giant Martini Glass Prop Is Bold, Bright and can be tailored to match your style and atmosphere. 

When it comes to hosting or organising an event for a corporate function or private party there is nothing quite like the visual attractiveness of this eye catching prop. 

Here are some ideas on how to effectively incorporate and utilise a giant martini prop:

Entertainers and Performers

Pair the giant Martini prop with entertainers or performers who can interact with it.

This could include acrobats performing aerial acts from the rim of the glass, dancers incorporating the prop into their routines, or even a bartender showcasing impressive martini-making skills. 

These performances will captivate your guests and create a memorable experience.

Large Martini Glass Hire with Dancers and Performers

Lighting Effects

Enhance the visual impact of the giant martini prop by incorporating lighting effects. Use spotlights, LED strips, or colour-changing lights to create a dynamic and eye-catching display. 

Experiment with different lighting techniques, such as highlighting the interior of the glass or illuminating the prop from below, to create a captivating ambiance.

Giant Martini Glass Prop Hire From Daze Entertainment

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  • Flat fee for jobs within 50 miles of PO12 1QB 
  • Additional fees may be charged for longer distances late finishes and overnight stays
  • Additional fees will be charged for shows requiring topless or nude elements, choreography, music editing, gymnastics or contortion

Recent Examples of our Martini Glass Prop Hire in Action

Case Study: Lead Forensics

Where: Southsea Castle

What: Martini Glass Prop Hire

Lead Forensics approached Daze Entertainment to organise a lively corporate summer party at Southsea Castle in Portsmouth. 

Daze Entertainment’s Martini Glass Prop Hire became the centrepiece, adding glamour and excitement. Dancers performed inside giant martini glass props accompanied by a DJ, while stilt walkers and an interactive mirror ballerina enchanted guests. LED lighting enhanced the giant Martini glass props, and professional podium dancers showcased their skills. The event was captured by a photographer and videographer.

The Martini Glass Prop Hire and carefully curated entertainment lineup transformed the party into a visually stunning and unforgettable experience, delighting Lead Forensics and their young workforce.

disco ball white
“I really couldn’t recommend Abi enough, she is absolutely fantastic at helping to find so many different types of acts for all different types of events! I have been working with Abi for 4 years now and she always goes above and beyond to make sure our needs are met! If you have the chance, give Abi a brief and she won’t let you down!”

– Stuart Hartley , Event Planner

Leading Martini Glass Prop Hire in Hampshire and surrounding area

Daze Entertainment’s Martini Glass Prop is suitable for corporate functions and private parties in Hampshire. 

We have two Large Martini Glass Props which can be delivered to the following locations. 

Holding an event outside of Hampshire? 

Contact our friendly and knowledgable team to discuss your individual requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions About Daze Entertainment Large Martini Glass Prop Hire

Daze Entertainment deliver within a 50 Mile Radius of our head office in Portsmouth – PO12 1QB. Additional fees may be charged for longer distances, late finishes and overnight stays. We would be happy to discuss your individual requirements by contacting our team. 

Daze Entertainment have two Martini Glasses available to Hire. These are very popular for parties and private corporate functions. Contact us for latest availability.  

If you do not have security staff at your event, or ropes and poles available to keep guests away from the prop in between sets, then we can provide black stantions at £40+VAT for 4x poles with tape. 

A warm changing area in which to change and store our belongings during the event. The dancers can be prone to cold, particularlyif getting in and out of water repeatedly.

We ask for a 50% booking deposit upon booking, followed by the remaining 50% balance 30 days before the event. Any cancellation made 30 days or less before the day, will be charged at 100%.

The glasses stand at 1.6m, so we need a minimum of 2.5m in order to put on a reasonable show. We have worked at lots of low-ceiling venues, and our bendy girls can focus on lay backs, arm movements, splits and elegant poses. However the more space we have, the more impressive tricks we can perform.

Our base is roughly 1.2m diameter, and is circular, so we’re pretty compact and don’t have any annoying corners that might serve as a trip hazard! We fit well into hotels, residences, marquees, nightlife venues, reception halls, shopping centres and wedding venues.

We do need a flat, level surface to set up on, so if you want us to set up on grass, sand, cobbles, patio or anything uneven, you’ll need to supply some stage decking in order to level out the surface for us.

No, we are battery powered, and our lights are operated with a remote control. We don’t need any power at all.

Our props have been cleverly designed so that they actually break down into smaller pieces for easy transit. They have a base plate, a base cover (to conceal our electrics), a stem, a bowl frame, and a perspex bowl that sits inside it. All these separate parts make it possible for us to fit the prop almost anywhere. Once it’s set up, the prop can’t really be moved (as we’d risk scratching flooring or damaging the wiring on our base) but certainly stairs, narrow doorways, winding corridors and the like are no problem for us.

For that authentic martini or champagne look, you can have water inside the bowl. It does cool after a while so we do need to remove some water and replace it with hot, as the event goes on. Where guests don’t want to be splashed, where flooring could be slippery, or where there’s no access to warm water, we’d recommend filling the bowl with any of our coloured confetti. These add glam and wow-factor to the prop, and add a contemporary twist on a traditional theme. It’s a fill-once solution that needs minimal adjustment throughout the event. For specific themes like Valentines you might opt for artificial rose petals and there’s a small surcharge for these.

Absolutely – the prop doesn’t need to be lit to be effective. Many of our daylight events opt to have the props decorated with our unique floral garlands, for that Garden of Eden feel. This is a great solution for summer events, garden parties, weddings, and more conservative gatherings (as the garlands conceal the part of the prop where the performer is seated inside the bowl). We also have a green, artificial turf base cover.

Some clients opt for a single 5-minute choreographed show to music – this works well in cabaret set ups, at corporate events, and at themed events. But most of our clients prefer to have our dancers perform 4x 15 minute improvised performances which work well as ‘background’ performances while guests chat, drink, eat or dance. This themes the event, offers visual interest for an extended period, and offers an excellent ice breaker to get guests chatting.

We aim to arrive on site no less than 1 hour before our first show so that we have plenty of time to load in and set up. Typically we will perform our 4x 15 minute sets over a 3 hour period, and then discreetly set down the prop straight after, and load it back out to the van. We don’t like to leave the prop set up and unattended, in case excited guests decide they want to be professional dancers!

Yes, we charge a flat fee of £80+VAT per extra hour you need the prop on site, as we need to man it even when our performer isn’t performing inside it. Sometimes we will set up at 6, perform all our sets between 7-10pm, but then the prop can’t be set down until the event finishes at midnight. So those 2 hours between 10pm-midnight will be charged at £80+VAT each to cover the extra time we’re on site.

Yes, we have our own Transit van, and everything (prop, performer, operator, ladder, control kit) all comes in the van. We load it all in, set it all up, and then go backstage to warm up and get into costume. We then switch the prop lights on, set up the ladder and assist the performer in and out of the glass. We don’t need any additional lighting, and we can perform to whatever music is playing at the event. Easy peasy!

Absolutely – we love a costume change, and your guests will appreciate it too. We usually start with a more conservative, covered costume towards the start of the event so that we can gauge how modest the crowd are. And if we feel like the crowd would appreciate a bit more skin on show, then we will go a bit smaller on the next costume. It’s all about reading the room!

Yes, it’s a burlesque style prop with a contemporary twist, so we’re often asked about teases or clothing removal. We’re happy to discuss your requirements, and have dancers suitable for all different types of event and performance.

We wouldn’t recommend it, no. Our dancers make it look very easy, but they’re very well rehearsed and tutored by us, and are selected based on their specific body shapes being suitable for the dimensions of the props. Every pointed foot, flattened knee, straightened back, relaxed shoulder, lifted neck and softened arm has been honed to ensure the overall presentation is slick and professional. Simply put, anyone performing inside it without this level of prep, doesn’t do it justice.

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