Banning Grid Girls – Is This ‘Equality for Women’?

28 March 2018

With the recent announcement of F1 banning grid girls from its events in a bid to rid the sport of inequality, models and feminists remain divided over the great grid girl debate. Even amongst so-called feminists, there’s disagreement over whether this ban empowers women to ‘aim higher’ – as if to suggest that those models would strive to become F1 drivers, should the opportunity to model no longer present itself – or whether in fact this ban just removes a potential job role from a woman’s grasp, and all in the name of ‘protecting her from exploitation’.

There is perhaps merit on both sides of the argument, but as usual, it seems that the opinion of the ‘dumb, exploited model’ is the lesser valued opinion of the two. And we say this because grid girls have been publicly voicing their disgust at this move, and yet they remain unheard by the male powers that be. Ironic, wouldn’t you agree?

Here at Daze Entertainment, we make no apology for celebrating female beauty in all its diverse glory – be it showgirls at Vegas events, dancers in giant martini glasses, or even half-naked Burlesque beauties twirling nipple tassels for fun. We find these ladies interesting to watch, as do our fellow female performers, female audience members, and even – dare we say it – male audience members too. What is wrong with finding men or women attractive? Why should we be ashamed to enjoy the beauty of others? And more importantly, why should we be ashamed to be those beautiful men or women that people enjoy?

This move sends a powerful message to women that if they cannot be F1 managers or drivers, they cannot partake in the sport at all. Would you call this ‘female empowerment’? We certainly wouldn’t.

In our decade or more of trading in beautiful women (and men too, we add) we cannot recall a single occasion when we had to shackle our performers to chains, traffick them into an event and force them to perform. We promise you, they do go willingly. And you know what, not only do they enjoy working the gigs, they also get paid good money for them. We call that empowerment.

So F1, rather than getting rid of grid girls and creating a smokescreen for the real inequality in your organisation, why not address the lack of female bosses and managers within F1? That is equality, and that empowers women.

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