Welcome to the Garden of Eden

19 August 2021

We’re spoiling you with another brand new act, our Garden of Eden giant champagne glass prop and dancer. Beautifully decorated with luxurious floral garlands and an astroturf base cover, this spin on our LED giant martini glass act, is nothing short of paradisiacal perfection.

Our dancer can sit atop the glass, pouring champagne directly into guests’ flutes, for a memorable and charming meet and greet. She can also perform ambient dance sets to background music, demonstrating beautiful Ballet technique and heavenly flexibility.

For those evening or indoor events, you can also make use of the in-built LED lighting. We don’t require any power as the prop is battery-powered and remotely operated, so the glass can glow seamlessly from one hue to another, with the click of a remote control.

Special thanks to our photographer James Bridle, our videography team thirty5studio, and such a fitting venue The Garden Society

View our YoutTube video to see how easily we can set up the prop in your performance space, and email us now to check availability on your event date.

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