We fort you’d like to know…

6 June 2016

…about Anita’s awesome 18th on a private fort!

Great weather and great company made for a fun-filled evening on the Solent. As we arrived our team was greeted with cheers from the guests, and we weren’t even in costume yet. And our changing area was a luxurious bedroom suite with sea views, but our caricaturist wasted no time setting himself up on a table overlooking the ocean, and guests approached him one by one to have their cartoons drawn.

The ice luge was a bespoke, hand crafted design incorporating a personalised plinth with a princess crown over the top – just perfect for a young lady’s celebration. Guests were chomping at the bit to have a go pouring their drinks through the top of the luge to catch it in their mouths at the bottom. Traditionally our hosts pour vodka through the sculpture, but we didn’t want a six year old guest to feel left out so we made sure she had a go with an orange juice!

Buff butlers stole the show all evening, encouraging guests to dance, request their favourite tunes from the DJ, use the photo booth, and also assisting venue staff with empty glass collection and similar. All the guests loved that the gents were fun and approachable. And we’re proud that our chaps have both muscles and personality.

Our summer party themed hostesses were costumed in a youthful style whilst still keeping things family-friendly, and our LED strolling tables served Tattinger champagne to all the family. Photographer Martin Bell captured all the action as it happened, and the night ended with guests and performers perched around the rooftop fire pit.

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