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2018 top wedding trends on a budget

In the events world we used to label certain months of the year as 'wedding season', but times are changing and so are wedding trends. Here's our quickfire guide to planning the wedding of the year but on a budget, so that you're spending savvy and not just scrimping!

Mid-week, off season
Spring and Summer Saturdays are high demand for venues and suppliers alike. If you can save a few pennies booking a venue on an Autumn Thursday or a January Tuesday, you can bet your bottom dollar that your suppliers will be happy to do you a deal too - that's flowers, entertainment, caterers, cake makers, decor companies and so on. Your friends and family will be there whatever day you choose.

Think outside the box
If you're struggling to find a wedding venue and package in budget, why not approach a party planner and ask them to build you a bespoke event in a marquee or garden? These guys are experts and will be able to advise you on all your options for timings, decor, theming, catering and entertainment. Their events know-how is invaluable - you're doing this once but they do this day in day out.

Clever food choices
So many venues now are charging upwards of £100 a head for a sit down meal - for 80 guests that's an eye watering £8000! Ouch. Why not consider a luxury hot buffet experience instead? There are lots of amazing suppliers to choose from serving everything from hog roasts to vegan feasts.

Hand-crafted, personalised invitations are a nice touch, but do they actually make your day enjoyable for guests? No. Prioritising your spending is hugely important when planning a budget wedding. Think about the most important parts of the day - the first dance? The meal? The evening party? The bit which often gets forgotten is the gap between ceremony and meal, where the happy couple disappear off for photographs, and guests are left to their own devices. And we can't emphasize enough how important it is to entertain your crew at this point. Consider live music, or something interactive such as strolling champagne tables, caricatures, silhouette cutting, street magic, or even something family-friendly like balloons or bubbles.

Make the evening an actual PARTY
British weddings can be so cookie cutter: ceremony, meal, disco and a buffet. So why not surprise your guests with something wow factor like a choreographed first dance, mini security dwarves to frisk your guests upon arrival, aerial champagne pouring, a live saxophonist playing along with your DJ, lookalikes, or even our amazing LED frames and costumed hosts. People talk about them for years to come because they genuinely add to the experience of the day.

Do you have any top tips for planning an epic wedding on a shoestring budget? We'd love to hear from you: +447909 951604 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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