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When your client books last minute...

It's no secret that the events world is hectic over the festive season.  Christmas parties, family gatherings and New Years celebrations ensure we're sleep deprived throughout December, and ultimately if last minute enquiries come in, we sometimes can't help.

So when a request came in on 25th November, for a pair of artists to fly to Kenya for the whole Christmas season, we really had a challenge on our hands. Not only did the girls need to be proficient dancers and fire performers with a specific body type, they also needed to set off with less than a week's notice.

Residential contracts usually require our Director to fly out to settle the performers in for a few days, however this simply wasn't an option at such short notice.  But with two West African contracts already under our belt in 2017, we were determined to make this our third. And after some stressful job-covering and string-pulling, we managed to secure Yasmin and Lucy who had worked other gigs for us in Ghana and Nigeria so were well versed with the West African ways and customs, and could take the reigns in our Director's absence.

The girls consequently spent a sunny 5 weeks performing at a billionaire's club and various pool parties in Nairobi, which is an incredible city and party hub. And as we prepare for West African gig number 4 which kicks off in February, our message to our clients is:

Please....give us some notice...so that our boss doesn't have a mental breakdown. And Merry Christmas, while you're at it ;)




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Nigeria was 'lit'

It's no secret that we have a bit of a love affair with West Africa. Our fire dancing troupe 'The Carbonettes' spent 4 months entertaining at a plush nightlife venue in Accra in Ghana over the winter season, and fell in love with the kind people and rich culture. So when we were invited to relaunch a club in Nigeria, how could we say no?

The client loved the extreme look of our tattoo'd and pierced performer Fran, and the freckled afro-haired beauty of our mixed race performer Yasmin. Both ladies have performed all over the world so they were perfectly placed for a whirlwind paycation to Lagos.

There was torrential rain throughout the entire job which meant unexpected tarpaulin over the stage, a soggy terrace, and much smaller flamed shows than we'd hoped to perform but the ladies made it work whilst still keeping Health & Safety in mind at all times. What an amazing venue Quilox is and credit to the organisers for treating our ladies like princesses. Just make sure the sun shines for us next time please, okay? We have plenty of rain here in the UK, thanks!


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Jetsetting fire shows in Africa

Daze Entertainment has gone international, supplying performers to a brand new venue in Ghana's developing capital Accra which is fast becoming West Africa's 'place to be' for bars, hotels, restaurants and nightlife.  With only a few weeks to plan all the entertainment, source and make costumes, book staff in (during the busiest season of the year) and schedule flights for site visits, it was a lot to turn around quickly.

During December our team of performers touched down in 30 degree heat and got straight to work performing risk assessments, organising fuel for their shows, and attending photo shoots for all the launch media. It was a hectic week of early starts, late finishes and learning curves, but it was worth it in the end as the venue landed a double page spread in The Sunday Times, featuring none other than our beautiful fire girls.

Kudos to our team who are still out in Ghana performing fire shows at Carbon, enjoying the sunshine, seeing the sights and making friends with the locals. And what a pleasure to work with all the staff at the venue who have made our girls so welcome and appreciated. #thisiscarbon

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