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The biggest event themes of 2020

What a whirlwind of a year 2020 has turned out to be. Events which were scheduled for Spring and Summer are now on hold, and clients are crossing fingers for warm outdoor events in September, and a party explosion this Christmas. But what are the biggest event themes of 2020?

1. The Great Gatsby

'A Little Party Never Killed Nobody', and with it being 100 years since the original Great Gatsby, 2020 is the perfect excuse to dress fancy, book a Speakeasy band, perfect your Charleston dancing and hire a giant martini glass prop. It's a really inclusive theme that appeals to all age groups and genders. Some favourite entertainment solutions for this are a Lindy Hopping hula hooper, our Gatsby aerial hoop show, Charleston dancers, Speakeasy foot juggler, and 1920's acro juggling duo.

2. The Greatest Showman

This continues to be hugely popular across both adult and children's events. Contact us today for your Greatest Showman entertainment brochure, which includes everything from animatronic elephants to bearded lady singers, acrobats, snake handlers, ringmasters and of course a myriad of circus acts.

3. Disco

We've noticed a real spike in demand for anything 70's, 80's, Boogie Wonderland and Disco, with a fresh demand for mirrorballs (which of course we love, because our logo is a glitterball), mirror characters, mirror aerial and contortiondance across the eras, lookalikes such as our awesome Austin Powers, tribute bands and fitness freaks.

4. Nature/Garden of Eden/Enchanted Garden

We're all striving to be more eco-conscious and environmentally friendly, and with this has come a resurgence in anything woodland, natural, plant or garden themed. Lots of clients want to host parties in their gardens at home, so this theme doesn't even require a huge amount of decor to look authentic. And we have some simply stunning acts to suit: ivy aerial hoop, floral aerial hoop, flower people, themed crafts and face painting and stilt walking trees.

5. Festival

It's unlikely to be a festival-filled summer, so our hot prediction is that party hosts will want to create their own festivals later on in the year, complete with glitter-application, hair braiding, DJ's, robots, food stands, saxophonists, bongo players, stilt walkers and stage dancers. We are in touch with some fabulous marquee and decor companies too, so get in touch if you'd like us to connect you.

Do you think we've missed out any strong contenders for event theme of the year? We'd love to hear your comments.

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We fort you'd like to know...

...about Anita's awesome 18th on a private fort!

Great weather and great company made for a fun-filled evening on the Solent. As we arrived our team was greeted with cheers from the guests, and we weren't even in costume yet. And our changing area was a luxurious bedroom suite with sea views, but our caricaturist wasted no time setting himself up on a table overlooking the ocean, and guests approached him one by one to have their cartoons drawn.

The ice luge was a bespoke, hand crafted design incorporating a personalised plinth with a princess crown over the top - just perfect for a young lady's celebration. Guests were chomping at the bit to have a go pouring their drinks through the top of the luge to catch it in their mouths at the bottom. Traditionally our hosts pour vodka through the sculpture, but we didn't want a six year old guest to feel left out so we made sure she had a go with an orange juice!

Buff butlers stole the show all evening, encouraging guests to dance, request their favourite tunes from the DJ, use the photo booth, and also assisting venue staff with empty glass collection and similar. All the guests loved that the gents were fun and approachable. And we're proud that our chaps have both muscles and personality.

Our summer party themed hostesses were costumed in a youthful style whilst still keeping things family-friendly, and our LED strolling tables served Tattinger champagne to all the family. Photographer Martin Bell captured all the action as it happened, and the night ended with guests and performers perched around the rooftop fire pit.


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Roll up, roll up, for the PCA Awards 2016!

Roll up, roll up, for the PCA Awards 2016!

The organisers of the PCA Awards decided to do something different this year - instead of the same old stuffy ceremony, they chose to hold a circus themed event to mix things up and inject a little fun. So as guests walked the red carpet our rather chilly vintage strongmen in leopard print lycra offered the ladies some eye candy, and gave the gents a giggle. High fives, lunges and bicep curls were a-plenty as the videographer captured all of the action.

Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington was beautifully decorated inside with subtle nods to circus. And after dinner, a big screen at the centre of the stage televised a live countdown which prompted guests to find their seats and get ready for the awards to begin. Then a video was broadcast, which the videographer had ever so swiftly put together, showing clips of the guests' arriving at the red carpet just an hour or so earlier. This was met with applause and laughter.

Traditional ringmaster

Our traditional ringmaster took to the stage to welcome the crowd and warm them up, before introducing our LED hula hooper who performed in darkness with her programmed, colour-changing hoops. These had been cleverly customised to incorporate the sponsor's logo - feel free to click on the video at the top of this blog, which shows some highlights of this show.

Then our one-of-a-kind clockwork ballerina took to the stage on her Ballet tiptoes, to present the awards to the lucky winners.  The photographer snapped away throughout and got a selection of both candid and posed shots. And as guests made their way from the dining room to the bar, our circus ballerina moved amongst guests, stopping periodically as if her batteries had run out. And guests were prompted to turn her LED key, in order to get her dancing again. Always a charming act enjoyed by all.

Thank you for your hospitality, PCA Awards, you were wonderful.

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