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Summer ball in the Gloucestershire countryside

We can't think of a better time of year to throw a countryside ball, so we were delighted to be back performing for one of our favourite clients at their annual bash. This year they opted for a vintage circus style marquee on the grounds of stunning Bredon School. Its tranquil location and imposing architecture made the view from the marquee rather picturesque for our performers.

As guests approached they were greeted by our muscle-clad strongman, and our hostess dressed as a fox; this was by special request from our customer, and the secret the partygoers didn't yet know, was that our foxy lady would later perform a Burlesque tease.

Guests were seated for dinner and treated to a sensational contortion show atop a giant rotating mirrorball. Spotlights were directed straight onto the prop to ensure the mirrorball threw light all across the marquee.

One rather lucky gentleman was then pulled up on stage by our foxy lady who teased him for a short while before cheekily ejecting him so that she could perform her bespoke fox themed Burlesque tease.

And as sunset neared, our muscular fire duo took pride of place in front of the mansion, and performed with flame throwers, dragon staff and difficult vapour-transfer tricks that only a handful of UK artists are able to perform. This crowd have booked our fire performers for three consecutive years so we have to up the ante year after year to ensure we still command the rapturous applause of the previous event. Safe to say, we had this one in the bag!

Until next year, guys!

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Burlesque in Brum

Cabaret bars have enjoyed a real revival over the last decade, and we've recently noticed a number of traditional gentlemen's clubs also moving their focus from table dancing to more demure, Burlesque style acts. This move has attracted more female guests to enjoy these types of clubs. So when a cabaret bar in Birmingham invited us to put on a weekend of Burlesque acts, we couldn't resist getting our thinking caps on and creating some bespoke shows for them.

Our first act was a classic favourite: a cheeky, balloon popping dance. Adorned in jewel-encrusted lingerie and confetti-filled balloons, she popped each one with a white feather, and performed a fun dance with a pair of luxurious white ostrich feather fans.

Our second act was a Dita Von Teese inspired tease, with our artist dressed in a rhinestoned black bra and brief with a silk robe over the top. She entered the stage, removed the robe and ascended a ladder clad with glittery ivy, and climbed into a giant martini glass filled with warm water and lit with LED lighting. The lights changed from red to green to blue to white and every colour in between, in time with the beats of the music, as the artist splashed, spun, removed stockings and finished in sequin tassels. It was elegant and beautiful, and she had the entire audience captivated throughout.

Huge thanks to our artist Honey le Bon, aerialist Jade and fellow Burlesquer Talulah, who all offered show stopping performances. 

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