Top Tips for Speakeasy Entertainment at Your 1920s Great Gatsby Party

20 February 2023

A little party never killed anybody – or so they keep telling us! But have you ever tried to plan a party??

Well fear not, because we’re getting rather good at this Speakeasy malarky, and we’ve got a few top tips to help your corporate event planning go smoothly.

Venue and decor: either choose a venue that already fits your theme – we like Pryzm’s decadent Curve room – or pick a blank canvas and draft in the right people to dress it.  Our friends over at Seventa did a Peaky Blinder of a job dressing the o2 Guildhall Southampton recently.

Music: the sounds of the 1920s and 1930s are both iconic and varied, so you can take your pick from crooners, vintage singers, jazz singersbands and tributes. A recent client of ours enjoyed a harmony trio and a Frank Sinatra, followed by a commercial covers band for when the dancefloor was rocking.

Catering: whether you’re going for a sit-down meal or more of a canape and nibbles set up, make sure your edibles are as glamorous as your soiree. Why not try molecular cocktails or bar flair for a contemporary twist?

Entertainment: from gangsters to Burlesque, aerial champagne pouring to Charleston, ice luges to silhouette cutters, glitter face painters to magicians, vintage saxophone to glitzy contortion, and everything in between – The Great Gatsby really is a theme that you can have some fun with. 

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