Roll Up, Roll Up, for the PCA Awards 2016!

24 March 2016

The organisers of the PCA Awards decided to do something different this year – instead of the same old stuffy ceremony, they chose to hold a circus-themed event to mix things up and inject a little fun. So as guests walked the red carpet our rather chilly vintage strongmen in leopard print lycra offered the ladies some eye candy and gave the gents a giggle. High fives, lunges, and bicep curls were a-plenty as the videographer captured all of the action.

Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington was beautifully decorated inside with subtle nods to the circus. And after dinner, a big screen at the centre of the stage televised a live countdown which prompted guests to find their seats and get ready for the awards to begin. Then a video was broadcast, which the videographer had ever so swiftly put together, showing clips of the guests arriving at the red carpet just an hour or so earlier. This was met with applause and laughter.

Our traditional ringmaster took to the stage to welcome the crowd and warm them up, before introducing our LED hula hooper who performed in darkness with her programmed, colour-changing hoops. These had been cleverly customised to incorporate the sponsor’s logo – feel free to click on the video at the top of this blog, which shows some highlights of this show.

Then our one-of-a-kind clockwork ballerina took to the stage on her Ballet tiptoes, to present the awards to the lucky winners.  The photographer snapped away throughout and got a selection of both candid and posed shots. And as guests made their way from the dining room to the bar, our circus ballerina moved amongst guests, stopping periodically as if her batteries had run out. And guests were prompted to turn her LED key, in order to get her dancing again. Always a charming act enjoyed by all.

Thank you for your hospitality, PCA Awards, you were wonderful.

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