Must-have entertainment for your summer party

30 May 2024

As the days start to warm, and spring suddenly becomes summer, it’s the perfect time to get planning your summer party whether it’s a marquee party in the garden, the annual office summer gathering, a festival on a field, or even an Ibiza-style pool party. So here’s our easy guide to booking entertainment for your summer event.

Set the scene with music

There’s so much on offer that it can feel overwhelming knowing where to start – do I book a DJ? A band? A live singer? What size PA system? What will the wet weather contingency be? Will they be as good as their showreel? This is where agents can offer real insight as they will ask what your demographic is, how formal or informal the event will be, whether it’s channelling a certain theme (such as Ibiza, festival etc), where the power sources are, how many guests will be attending and so on. Any good agent should be able to present you with live clips of singers, bands, roaming musicianssaxophonists, DJs and more, so that you can see clearly what product you’ll get on the day, and what infrastructure is needed to support their show.

A warm welcome

That initial ice breaker is so important at parties and gatherings, and having something ‘a bit different’ at the entrance to welcome guests and offer a talking point is so valuable. Champagne service comes in many formats (from aerial pouring to giant martini glass pouring, LED serving tableschampagne dresses, mermaids and more), human topiaries, costumed hosts or stilt walkers offer a unique photo opportunity, statues (static or roaming) can really set the scene if there’s a theme, and novelty acts like fake paparazzi will double up as a characterful scene-setting welcome as well as photography.

Make memories to last a lifetime

Offering your guests some kind of memento of the day just got fun! Simple solutions can include a photographer or videographer, but there’s scope to be more creative with traditional hand-drawn or digital caricatures (with copies to take away), live illustration, photo booths and silhouette cutting, all give guests the opportunity to take home a souvenir of their party experience.

Something Interactive

Many party hosts believe their guests won’t need entertaining, and that everyone will just want to chat and catch up, and the time will fly by – and for the host, this will be true, as they know everyone and spend the entire event being busy. But for guests who are shy or anxious, don’t know anyone, or aren’t drinking, it can be helpful to have something interactive going on that offers a talking point. Solutions can include magic/mind reading, fortune telling, a photo booth or area, a workshop activity (cocktail making/flair, dance, crafts, circus skills etc), and face and body art (paint, braids, henna, tattoos etc).

The Showstopper

We believe in building UP towards the grand finale, and there are lots of ways to maintain the interest of guests. Depending on the vibe of your event you might opt for a show such as a dynamic circus act, a speed painting demonstration, an LED robot appearance, Ibiza-style dancers with lasers, club-style musicians like saxophonists or percussionists, a thrilling fire show, or a choreographed dance act to ‘open’ your dancefloor. The devil’s in the detail, so make sure your agent has a really thorough understanding of your vision so that they can recommend the best wow-factor solution for your budget.

Happy summer party planning!