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Hands up if you've been to a conference or business meeting and it's been a total yawn-fest? *raises hand* Yes, us too. Is there anything worse than a motivational talk that's, well, boring? Aren't these presentations supposed to inspire us?

Well we believe they are and that's why we've tried to think a little outside the box to deliver exciting corporate event entertainment, and inspiring talks which will stick in people's minds. So when we were invited to entertain at a luncheon at Chilworth Manor in Southampton recently, we brought along our incredible foot archer Orissa, who kicked the event off with a, well, with a bullseye! Check it out for yourself...

Despite the windy weather she didn't miss a trick, and she broke the ice perfectly for guests who went on to network with plenty to talk about!

A week or so later our Director Abi left a lasting impression when she was asked to present about good networking techniques at a summer breakfast event for The Boardroom Network at The Italian Villa in Poole. Using posture and eye contact tips taken from the Burlesque course she teaches, she had 3 willing volunteers donning fascinators and feather fans, and demonstrating how to shimmy, to the amusement of diners. Check out the giggling here.

Nigeria was 'lit'
Murder on the fort!

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Saturday, 24 October 2020

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