How to Plan the Best Marquee Party

28 February 2023

You’ve decided to plan that special birthday party or milestone anniversary, but where do you start? You’ve come to the right place!

Find the right location for your marquee party

Marquees can be set up in pretty obscure locations these days; we’ve seen them on flat ground in fields, on inclines, in courtyard areas and even stretched over the top of swimming pools (Party Doctors are very good at these). Any great party planner will be able to advise you about power/generators, drainage, flooring, access, heating and so on. But think about where your guests will park, or whether you want to put on transport for them.

Set the date

A transparent or glass marquee will be a nightmare in July – unless you fancy forking out thousands for temporary air con – and equally an unheated marquee in winter will be pretty unpleasant. Speak to an experienced event planner like Capability Events to understand what can be done at certain times of the year. It’s also worth thinking about your guest availability – transport can be tricky over Bank Holidays, and people’s Saturday nights get booked up months in advance. So give your guests as much notice as possible.

Catering for your private marquee party

There are so many amazing catering solutions for marquee parties. We’ve seen pop-up trucks serving stone-baked pizzas, BBQ food, tacos, curries and crepes; hog roasts; walkabout canapes as guests arrive; formal 3-course seated dining; informal hot and cold bowl food; sweet carts, popcorn stands and dessert tables; and even bulk orders of Dominos for the midnight survivors! Remember your suppliers (decor, production, security, entertainers etc) will need to be catered for too if they’re likely to be on site all day or evening.

Decor and production

This will be largely dictated by your theme – are you going for a summer festival party? A black and white Art Deco Gatsby Noir vibe? An icy winter wonderland event? We’ve seen some incredible transformations by Event Themes by JW and Evoke Events who both handle all the audio and visual elements like sound, lighting, backdrops, floor coverings, seating, dancefloors, staging and DJ equipment.

Book the right entertainment for your marquee party

Once you’ve figured out the production costs, then it’s time for the icing on the cake – the entertainment. Think about what you want your guests to be greeted with as they arrive; whether you want some kind of bespoke champagne service; what musicians you want (roaming, or static); photo booths or areas; walkabout entertainers; some kind of entertainment workshop or activities throughout the event; stage acts; DJs or bands; celebrity DJ or host; or even bespoke performance props like giant martini glasses, freestanding aerial hoops, or giant disco balls.

Daze Entertainment are entertainment specialists who can advise on what’s possible in your space and within your budget, to ensure you make that all-important wow-factor first impression.

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