Happy Covid Christmas and Event Planning in 2021

13 December 2020

When it comes to planning Christmas events in 2020, it’s been a bit of a nonstarter, hasn’t it?

Companies that have weathered the Covid-19 storm, have opted for Zoom parties, enlisting virtual entertainers to lead the fun. Shopping centres have used distanced walkabout acts to add some Christmas magic to the shopping experience. Doorstep entertainment and virtual children’s parties continue to be popular, with distanced elf and Santa visits bringing much-needed joy to children’s faces. 

Sadly communities haven’t been able to enjoy Christmas light switch-on ceremonies which would have attracted crowds, and private parties have been impossible due to the government’s ever-changing rules and guidelines. Hospitality venues have suffered terribly, and we hope and pray that support is coming for them, as they’ve really tried their best to stay afloat in these tough times. We’ve also had lots of cancellations from bookers who have had to pull the plug due to Covid outbreaks on their premises. So to say it’s been a quiet December for us, is a true understatement. And we will never again complain about Christmas being too busy…we promise!

Rest assured we haven’t been sat around twiddling our thumbs. We’re ready for 2021, and have been:

– Completely redecorating the Daze Entertainment office
– Regularly updating risk assessments each time a new guideline comes in
– Customising live acts for virtual platforms
– Keeping in touch with our amazing bookers and artists
– Working on brand new shows ready for 2021 events
– And updating our YouTube page which has surpassed 10,000 SUBCRIBERS – give us a Like if you haven’t already, to keep up to date with our latest acts and shows.

Daze Entertainment director Abi has been managing all of the above plus calls handling work for a well-known NHS campaign (see picture below) and teaching English online to students in China, which she loves. Our performers have kept themselves busy doing all manner of side hustles from delivery driving to care work, floristry, crafting, supermarket roles, retail, courses and training, and administrative roles. But sorry Boris, we won’t be retraining, and we’re still very much here, doing our thing, and looking forward to a busier events diary in 2021.

So Happy Covid Christmas to all our friends and followers. Drink ALL the wine!

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