Farewell, Lynx Mk 8

30 April 2017

This month we commissioned a huge ice luge sculpture of the much-loved Lynx Mark 8 Navy helicopter, for its final farewell at an epic hangar party at RNAS Yeovilton in Somerset.  As our Director Abi is married to a Mark 8 engineer, this project was rather close to our hearts. Our sailor girls were unsurprisingly well received, as was the Black Cow local vodka and cheddar – indeed a significant quantity of this cheddar was consumed by our lovely ladies!

Thank you to 815 Squadron for looking after us – we had a blast.

Here’s a photo of the luge before the lights went down and before it thawed out and went crystal clear – we were far too busy pouring vodka into matelots mouths to take any photos after then!

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