Events world, we are READY

20 May 2021

Party planners assemble, because we are READY! The UK is opening up again and we’re so excited to get back to what we do best: live, experiential, immersive entertainment.

So what have we been busying ourselves with? Well between filming new acts, updating costumes, refurbishing props, adding new artists and shows to our roster, catching up with existing clients, drawing up Covid risk assessments, and creating content for our socials, it’s all been a bit mad. Does anyone else feel like things have gone nuts all of a sudden?

Anyway, the good news is that we have brand new summer party ideas to offer – including some top-secret ones which will be launching soon – so for now check out our YouTube channel to see all the latest acts such as our mirror clockwork ballerinafairytale package and mindreader Chris. We’ve already booked some amazing events for 2021 including a music video, house and garden parties, DJs, saxophonists, flair bartenders, and corporate party entertainment.

Keep your eyes peeled for some fresh and unique solutions launching over the coming weeks!

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