A Lush Few Days

1 September 2016

What better way to celebrate the great British outdoors than an open-air summer party, that’s exactly what one of our clients had in mind when they hosted a Lush summer gathering in Dorset.

As Lush is a forward-thinking, eco-friendly brand with strong values about ethical trading, vegetarianism, veganism, charity, conservation, animal welfare, and human rights, every act we supplied needed to be conducive to their brand ethos, right down to the raw ingredients in the molecular cocktails.

From flower pot men to cuddly human bushes, it was a gathering most definitely connected with nature.

This was a huge 3-day project which saw marquees erected, decor installed and changed over, furniture put in, out, and back in again, a variety of caterers, a whole lot of manpower, PAs and production, three events spread across 2 days, and of course an array of entertainment too – our client Seventa Events certainly had their hands full planning, producing and coordinating every aspect of these parties, but it certainly didn’t seem to be in vain.

Take a look at the short film our videographer put together.

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